At MortgageMod101 we are constantly seeking to offer the best options for our clients.
Here is a list of the main products and services that we provide.

  • Credit Repair - Our credit repair service can drastically improve your credit and score. Most people never check their credit unless they plan on making a substantial purchase and have never truly taken the time to understand how credit works. What if we were able to not only work to improve your credit but we also educated you about how to prevent credit problems in the future? CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Debt Services - Credit card companies are raising their interest rates as well as their minimum monthly payments unlike any other time in history. As a result, you may be unable to afford their monthly credit card payments and have a majority of your payment going toward interest. What if you were able to lower your credit card payments to pennies on the dollar and do so for no up-front cost, would you want to know more? CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Full Service Home Loan Modification - If you are a current homeowner and are having problems making your mortgage payment, we have solutions to help! We offer two loan modification products: a Do-It-Yourself system and a full service program. Our Do-It-Yourself program will provide you with the tools you need and will educate you about your options. Our full service program employs the help of loan modification experts who will negotiate on your behalf to obtain a modification of your existing loan to make it affordable for you again! CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Short Sale Processing - Up to 62% of homes listed on the market today are short sales. A short sale is the process of selling a home for less than what is owed on the mortgage. Traditionally you could have negotiated a short sale deal by yourself or utilized a third party service. These options were either time consuming or expensive but we now have a FREE service for you to use. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Mortgages - Whether you need to purchase a home or refinance your existing mortgage, we can help you make a wise decision! Interest rates are at historic lows and right now is the best time you could possibly buy. We have a number of talented real estate agents that will help guide you through every step of the process of finding and purchasing a home. What if we told you that the real estate agent would do all of this free of a commission, would you want to find out more? CLICK HERE for more information.


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